May 30, 2013


Time for another internet round up of interesting links from the past few weeks!  It's been a while since the last round-up, but most of these articles continue to ring true past their publication dates.

Oh, and in case you haven't picked up on it, my reading follows a strong trend of food and feminist subject matter.  What can I say?  I'm a liberal girl who likes to eat.

A beautifully written piece on the value of remote places of natural splendour.  Words to live by: "These trips are guided by an unstated hypothesis: a trip is memorable in inverse proportion to the number of bars of coverage on your cellphone.

Apparently first world do-gooders don't necessarily have to sacrifice life's little luxuries to live by their morals.  Who knew?

The admirable author of the site shares her take on the pitfalls of the backyard farming trend.

Terrifying update on the FrankenFish discussion.  I hope salmon labelling in North America reflects these developments or else I'll be forced to abandon one of my favourite foods!

Simply brilliant! 

Mojito Jello Shots
Just sayin'... these will be making an appearance at my 24th birthday next month.  

An important look at why focusing on food security isn't enough to ensure a sustainable and equitable international food system.

How I would love to get this book... *hint* hint* 

Japanese Vegetable Pancakes
I was amazing to see that just two days after my leftover "invention" of a lifetime - scallion, ricotta, egg and sesame Japanese pancakes - it was posted on one of the internet's most popular food blogs.  Collective consciousness much?

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