March 08, 2013


So I’ve decided to start a Blog.  I’m sure you’ve realised this, considering that you’re currently reading it, but it was a long time in the coming and a surprising decision for me, given the stubbornly anti-technological outlook I've assumed for the past few years.  Like with everything I say and do, expect to find generous smatterings of hypocrisy, self-contradiction, and idealism.  Also expect to find tweaked and tested recipes, ridiculously thrifty ways to make practically anything, and an assortment of thoughts inspired by the places I go and the people I meet there.

After all, like most, I'm just trying to figure life out as I go along.  If I manage to meet my own ambitious expectations of regularly maintaining this thing, then I'm sure my posts will reflect what's currently on my mind and happening in my life.  And right now, having finally unpacked my bags on the opposite side of the world, I've got a giant jumble of material in my brain to dissect and format into posts for your reading and my writing pleasure.  

Enjoy, my comrades!

~ The Nesting Nomad ~