March 26, 2013


Recently me and my partner in crime decided to hit up a spot along the river that we had seen during a boat tour while my Dad was in town. We jumped in the car, grabbed some beers, and went to pick up our friend Will for some riverside R&R.  

Well, if you call jumping off 10 metre cliffs relaxing.

At Blackwater Reach, just north of Fremantle and a 25 minute drive South from us, the river reaches its deepest point.  Lining the riverside in this area are huge cliffs, so its no surprise the locals have made Blackwater their area of choice for cliff jumping on hot afternoons.  This afternoon, we came to join them!

I've jumped cliffs before (in Italy!), but I won't deny that, creeping up to peer over the edge, the first look down scared the bejesus out of me.  Still, after mustering some courage I took the plunge! And despite some water up my nose, I'm still here to tell the tale.

A bit wary before the jump

I only jumped once more, but the boys clearly took it to the next level and braved the 11 metre cliffs beside us. Sorry, but I'll pass.

Tom in the distance, taking the 11m plunge

The sunset was brilliant and we even saw some dolphins frolicking in the river as we packed up to head home! Seeing them in the wild, though relatively common here, will never cease to amaze me.

So yeah. While I do miss the snow, and the spring tulips, and the autumn leaves, and all that jazz... Perth living ain't too bad. It ain't too bad at all.